The synergy of the brand network that forms FSBI, coupled with the robust evolution of the models and franchise systems developed over the last twenty-five years, has positioned the group for high double, if not triple digit annual growth over the next half decade. FSBI’s goal is to be the leader in not only each of the FSBI brands, but more important, in the multiple brand business community.

Multi-brand franchising offers some of the most robust growth in the entire franchise industry and today, nearly half of all franchise units are controlled by multi-unit operators. These trends mark the most significant developments in all of franchising. The structure of FSBI reflects these emerging trends allowing FSBI to fully exert the influence made possible by its unique position in the world of franchising. As an authoritative franchising voice, FSBI has the potential to shape an even greater amount of the industry, controlling what amounts to a “critical mass” in the franchising world. With this influence, future revenue of FSBI conservatively becomes geometric. FSBI would initiate and reap the benefits of future industry trends. The core network of FSBI brands will evolve to address the ongoing concerns of entrepreneurs operating in the economy-at-large.



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