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Expense Reduction Coaching (ERC)

Expense Reduction Coaching (ERC)

  • Founded: 1993

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Helping small businesses reduce their indirect expenses up to 50%.

Today’s companies have a good understanding of and control over their direct costs, but when it comes to indirect costs, they lack the necessary industry knowledge, time, or both to find efficiencies and negotiate better terms. As a result, companies end up paying more than they should. Our coaches help them save time, money and the future of their business.

Why cost reduction coaching?

  • 82% of businesses fail because of cash flow issues.
  • Simple solutions can help businesses cut unnecessary costs 50-80%.
  • 28% of small businesses report spending more than $10,000 per year on taxes, legal fees, and associated costs.
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What we do:

ERC helps businesses reduce indirect expenses in up to 40 different cost categories, including telecommunications, merchant processing, office supplies, payroll services, insurance, utilities and taxes among many others.

Our proprietary 7 step process has allowed us to maximize savings for a wide range of cost categories in diverse business categories nationwide. Our success is supported by a deep understanding of the industry that allows us to work with a network of vendors that provide excellent service at the best possible costs.

Franchise Benefits:

  • Home-Based
  • Recession-Resistant
  • Simple Operations
  • No Employees Necessary
  • Low Overhead
  • High Revenue Potential

Help entrepreneurs get more from their businesses.