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Participation Agreement and ACH Authorization

The Client Engagement Center (CEC) is excited to partner with you to further drive your business development efforts! Please review the details below, then select your program and sign the agreement at the bottom of the page.

Program Details

CEC PLUS is available to owners who have an active platform license through The Entrepreneur Source group account. (i.e. Recruiter, TAP, INFO, etc…) we are offering additional CEC support to spark your business development. We help engage seekers on your behalf and, if you choose, utilizing your custom search criteria (filters) and messages in order to book C1’s and set up Seeker Records in your ESC2 database.

  • A Client Engagement Associate (CEA) will access platforms (i.e. Recruiter, TAP, INFO, etc…) set-up searches and develop search criteria and export seeker records into ESC2 for you.
  • CEA will modify your message templates for our use (if you choose to supply it to us) to reflect third-person outreach, i.e. “I’d be happy to set up a brief call with John Training”, etc. CEA’s reach out on your behalf, but are not presenting themselves as being you.
  • CEA will attempt to set up the Seeker Record in your ESC2 database, time-permitting. In those cases where you set up the Seeker record yourself, email your CEA with the Seeker’s email address, so they can log the contact attempt and receive credit for the booking (this helps our internal tracking).
  • We welcome ongoing feedback to discuss program performance and opportunities to improve. We’re happy to set up monthly optimization calls, or can be reached by email whenever convenient.
  • NOTE: Recruiter license are required to participate in the FREE CEC PLUS programs. CEA activities will neither deplete your personal InMail allotment, nor affect your personal InMail performance statistics.
  • NOTE: TAP licenses can be purchased (2) different ways.
    • #1 You have a full TAP lic. at $85 per month. CEC will need login access
    • #2 You DO NOT have a TAP lic., then the CEC will provide a fractional TAP lic. for you at $25 month

Owner Obligations for Participation

  • You must maintain an active platform license for the duration of your participation in this program. (i.e. Recruiter, TAP, INFO, etc…)
  • You will need a secondary YouCanBookMe booking form dedicated to the CEC (which requires a paid YouCanBookMe account).
  • In order for us to staff our program appropriately and maintain consistent service levels, participation will last a minimum of 30 days, and will automatically renew in 30-day increments. Owners may adjust or opt-out of future renewals by emailing the CEC or Michael Brennan of their intent to adjust/leave the program in advance.
  • We’ve designed varying levels of support. Please select your package below.
  • NOTE: If you intend to only activate the FREE programs you do not need to fill out this form. However, please email the CEC to ensure they have your active platform account on file.

  • The CEAs’ services will include:
    • Sourcing seekers who fit your search criteria, either with the CEC search criteria or your custom.
    • Sending messages to seekers, either with the CEC message templates or your custom.
    • Engaging/Responding with any Seekers who respond, in an effort to either driving them to your YCBM schedule-a-call or book them directly on your schedule-a-call (i.e. YCBM CEC Page)
    • Setting up the Seeker record in ESC2 or, if it’s a ‘blocked’ duplicate, requesting the transfer of the Seeker.
  • Your feedback is both welcome and important! However, for it to have the greatest effect and be addressed timely, it’s critical that it be channeled appropriately. If you have questions please email CEC
  • Coaches may communicate directly with CEA’s as needed, but we ask that any communications also include Mike Brennan at and Cassidy Collins at, for quality assurance.
  • Coaches may not hire away or ‘poach’, CEA’s from the CEC, even if / even after the CEA is terminated or separates voluntarily. We are utilizing staffing agencies for many of our CEA’s, and the conversion fee for any who are hired away (or hired after separation), either as a W2, 1099, etc., is very expensive – in some cases $4,000 or more. Coaches will be liable, and will be ACH’d for, any charges from a staffing agency which result from that Coach bringing on a CEA from this program.

My signature below hereby authorizes Franchisor to make automatic deductions from my on-file Depositor Account for participation in the CEC PLUS program. Funds will be automatically deducted from my depositor account no later than the 10th business day of the month for the preceding month’s services. Payments and credits may also be made into your account. If there are insufficient funds, will be charged an Insufficient Funds Fee (“NSF”) in the amount of $35.00 or the amount charged by our banking institution, whichever is greater. Note that this ACH will be separate from Brand-Building Fund or MSF deductions, and will be coded as “C.E.C.”. **Important note: Associate Coaches will need to have their services paid for by the licensee under whom they are working; the Associate can pay their licensee directly.

CEC PLUS Program Agreement and Authorization

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