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TAP (Talent Automation Platform)

Participation Agreement and ACH Authorization

The TAP (Talent Automation Platform) is an exclusive new technology custom-built for the TES community. We are excited to partner with you to further drive your business development efforts! Please review the details below and sign the agreement at the bottom of the page. If you have questions please email the Innovation Team at

Note to Mac users: this is an installed app designed to run on PC’s. While Mac users can take advantage of this tool, you’ll need to purchase / install Parallels, which allows you to run PC apps on your Mac.

I hereby authorize Franchisor to make six (6) monthly ACH deductions from my on-file depositor account, each in the amount of $85, and enroll me into a six-month auto-renewing subscription for TAP. I may opt out of the auto-renewal with at least 30 days advance notice by re-submitting this form with “Opting out” selected. Funds will be automatically deducted from my depositor account no later than the 10th business day of the month for the preceding month’s services. Payments and credits may also be made into my account. If there are insufficient funds, I will be charged an Insufficient Funds Fee (“NSF”) in the amount of $35.00 or the amount charged by our banking institution, whichever is greater. Note that this ACH will be separate from Brand-Building Fund or MSP deductions. **Important note: Associate Coaches will need to have their subscription paid for by the licensee under whom they are working; the Associate can pay their licensee directly.